EYELOXYL Intensive Eye Treatment 15Gm

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Dark circles can develop underneath your eyes because of oversleeping, immoderate weariness, or virtually staying up some hours beyond your usual bedtime. Sleep deprivation reasons your pores and skin to seem stupid and pale, exposing dark tissues and blood veins underneath the surface. In addition to creating your eyes puffy, a loss of sleep can reason fluid to construct at the back of your eyes. As a result, your swollen eyelids can be casting shadows in your dark circles.

Want Eyes without Dark Circles or Puffiness?

Your skin is more delicate than the rest of your face and body. It’s ‘s much thinner, has few oil glands to keep it hydrated and is consistently subjected to micromovements and facial expressions. You’ll get a sense of what that skin goes through if you pay attention to how much you blink, grin, or laugh.

To maintain that delicate area looking its best, it demands careful attention. Eye creams help with this. They’re designed to help and not injure the fragile skin around the eyes by delivering association and simply the proper quantity of specialized chemicals. They can reduce the appearance of bags, puffiness, and uneven tone while also nourishing and supplementing the area. They also protect against early signs of aging.

Because the pores and skin around your eyes are thinner and the primary to showcase signs and symptoms of age, eye cream is pretty useful. Wrinkles, darkish circles, and lumps will all be ablated by the mistreatment of a watch cream.

What is the mechanism of action of eyeloxyl intense eye treatment?

The key ingredient in eyeloxyl, Haloxyl employs natural enzymes to help break down lost blood under the skin and strengthen the capillaries to help prevent further blood leakage, making the eyes appear brighter and younger.
They’re great for dark circles, puffiness, and bags under the eyes.

Eyeloxyl intensive eye treatment has the following advantages:

Eyeloxyl contain skin-restoring and renewing beneficial components that help hydrate, minimize puffiness and dark circles, and protect against UV rays and other environmental aggressors. Eyeloxyl contains anti-aging ingredients, as well as other substances that help to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Hence eyeloxyl helps to reduce dark circles, puffiness & eye bags.


Haloxyl (Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Chrysin, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7)

Eyeliss (Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7)

Sodium Hyaluronate

How To Use

Apply gently to the skin around the eyes, including eyelids in the morning and night.

3 reviews for EYELOXYL Intensive Eye Treatment 15Gm

  1. Mahnoor

    suggested by dermatologists it really works.

  2. Sultana

    best product

  3. Zahra

    My eye puffiness was very less with this product.

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