SALCID Anti-Fungal Cleansing Bar Soap 75gm

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Adjuvant therapy for fungal infection with fungicidal action. Salcid bar provides keratolytic action. Its best treatment for Tenia Versicolor. It provides relief for seborrhoeic skin conditions. Provide antipruritic, antiseptic, sebum control action. Helps to reduce acne and oily skin action.


  • Selenium Sulfide¬†Soap

How To Use

Apply Salcid Bar into wet scalp and allow it to remain for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. Begin with 3 applications per week, and then reduce to weekly or every other week applications to maintain control.

Ideal For

For Pityriasis Versicolor/Tenia Versicolor skin infections, apply Salcid Bar to the affected area. Lather with a small amount of water. Allow remaining on the skin for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat twice a day for 14 days. Do not let Salcid Bar touch inflamed, raw skin, genital areas, and skin folds rinse thoroughly after contact with Salcid Bar.

2 reviews for SALCID Anti-Fungal Cleansing Bar Soap 75gm

  1. Naila siddiq

    It has been really helpful in managing my fungus problem

  2. Naila siddiq

    It is best antifungal soap

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