Natural Extract for Skin Lightening

Natural Extract for Skin Lightening

Skincare products use both Sepiwhite and Melavoid as natural extracts. They both are lightening ingredients used in serums. Mostly, people use Sepiwhite serums for skin lightening, and they use Melavoid serums for skin brightening . Both have almost the same properties. Many different cosmetic brands are using them in their skin-brightening and skin-lightening serums.

One of the best skin-lightening serums containing both sepiwhite and Melavoid is OxiDo-lite lightening serum. containing both Sepiwhite and Melavoid makes our product unique and effective. The lightening and brightening properties of these ingredients make our product more effective with prominent and quick results.


OxiDo-lite lightening serum is an innovative blend of active skin lightening and brightening agents. These agents help to minimize the appearance of dark spots and give fair lightened skin.

Lightened and bright skin is a desire for both men and women and so concerns about harmful and allergic ingredients overtake the consumers’ minds. Safe and healthy treatments for dark spots and hypertension are what consumers want. In this case, our product, OxiDo-lite lightening serum, perfectly fits consumers’ needs.

This powerful formula of lightening serum works deeply in the skin while acting 100% of dead cells to brighten, plumping the skin while optimizing skin condition, and reducing dark spots, hypertension, scars, and uneven skin tone.


  • Mulberry extract.
  • Bearberry extract.
  • Hyaluronic acid.

Key ingredients:

  • Sepiwhite.
  • Melavoid.


Sepiwhite is a natural, skin-lightening agent made of natural amino acids. It is a lipoamino acid that is a phenylalanine extract bio vector for guaranteed action. It works for all skin types.

Sepiwhite is one of the gold-standard components in the skin-lightening industry. Sepiwhite is a well-known and well-recognized skin-lightening ingredient. It produces a faster skin-lightening response in some users. They are mostly used in lightening serums to reduce dark spots and give a uniform complexion.

Benefits of Sepiwhite :

A study performed in which volunteers used a 2% sepiwhite formula twice a day for consecutive 3 months showed that by the second month:

  • There were decrees of melanic pigments at the skin surface and the skin was visibly clear.
  • Skin tone was more radiant.
  • The skin was significantly lightened.
  • Hyperpigmentation areas were visibility lightened.

After completing 3 complete months 93% of the volunteers found that the sepiwhite lightening formula is safe, effective, and comfortable.


Melavoid (Boerhavia Diffusa Root Extract (and) Propanediol (and) Aqua) is a natural lightening agent that helps in reducing skin tone evenly and uniformly and also reduces hyperpigmentation.

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Melavoid is versatile, used in brightening facials, anti-blemish treatments, body lotions, hand treatments, neck and cleavage care, photoaging and anti-aging treatments, makeup, and deodorants.

They are also used in skin-lightening serums. OxiDo-lite lightening serum is the best example of a serum with Melavoid. OxiDo-lite with its properties of Melavoid makes our product the best product in Pakistan. Fortified with 100% natural goodness, it proves to be a legal and result-orientated skin-lightening for dark spots bothering age spots. 

Benefits of Melavoid:

  • Reduces the intensity of skin pigmentation.
  • Lightens hyperpigmented areas and achieves a smooth and even complexion.
  • The lightning activity is greater in areas with stains than without, making it a smart depigmenting agent.
  • Reduces stains in number and intensity regardless of their source (e.g. surface, UV, brown stains).

Recommended areas:

OxiDo-lite skin lightening serum can be used on:

  • Face and neck.
  • Elbows and knees.
  • Bikini areas.

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