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SAFRIDERM – C Antioxidant Skin Brightening Anti-aging Cream 30gm

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  • Quickly absorbs without a greasy residue.
  • Ideal for all types of skin.
  • Provide antioxidant protection.
  • Reveals healthy glowing skin.
  • Prevent future signs of aging.
  • Non-Comedogenic 
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Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream also benefits as an Antiaging cream intensified with naturally derived skin brighteners. It enlists L-Ascorbic Acid, the easily absorbable Vitamin C that delivers a daily dose of vitamin C to the skin. Vitamin C, a main potent antiaging antioxidant ingredient added to Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream, is highly recommended to be used as Vitamin C Night Cream.

Moreover, the rich antioxidant performance of L-Ascorbic Acid entitles Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream among the top known essentials for skin brightening. Along with L-Ascorbic Acid, Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream gets further support from antiaging peptides, dark spot reducers, skin moisturizers, and hydrators. This all-in-one skin barrier and glow booster makes it the best Antiaging cream for men and women.

Including an anti-aging and skin-brightening product in a skincare routine help with achieving younger, smoother, and brighter skin. Washing the face with  Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash followed by Safriderm C Antiaging Cream or Safriderm Skin Brightening Cream definitely speeds up brightening dull tired skin.


  • Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream provides antioxidant protection against free radicals.
  • As an Antiaging cream, it firms and tightens skin, creating a new resilience and youthful look by enhancing collagen production.
  • Help prevent wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging including age spots.
  • When used as a Vitamin C Night Cream, it helps to lighten and brighten darkened skin and reverse sun damage.
  • Improve skin texture, complexion, and even dull skin tone.


  • Store at a dry place below (30°C) and away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


1. L-Ascorbic Acid

L-Ascorbic Acid is an antioxidant, a popular form of Ascorbic Acid, and one of the most extensively researched skin essential ingredients. This antiaging antioxidant ingredient guarantees to visibly rewind damaged, pigmented, and aging skin matters. By neutralizing the oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet rays, Vitamin C in Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream performs a photoprotection role, thus preventing photoaging. As it comprises an active form of Ascorbic acid, using Safriderm-C as a Vitamin C Night Cream helps boost collagen production. It tends to form an intact skin barrier that further slows down the visible appearance of aging signs. Additionally, the consistent use of L-Ascorbic Acid, a natural skin brightener, hinders the skin pigmentation process and unveils even brightened skin complexion.

Pro Tip: When skin gets exposed to UV radiation, it causes Vitamin C to reduce. So it’s better to apply Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream after the skin gets exposed to sunlight. This way, it neutralizes the UV damaging effects on the skin before it worsens.

2. Hexapeptide

A synthetically derived antiwrinkle peptide, Hexapeptide is the best-known alternative to Botox. It’s a pain-free, non-toxic antiaging solution included within Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream. Hexapeptide prevents the nerves from getting functional. It makes the muscles unable to retract, which relaxes and smoothens the wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Such an antiwrinkle role makes Safriderm-C the best Antiaging cream for men and women in Pakistan. The only con is that Hexapeptide does not work on wrinkles and fine lines brought on by UV exposure.

3. Alpha-Arbutin

Alpha-Arbutin is a derivative form of Arbutin and a safer alternative to hydroquinone. Alpha Arbutin in Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream boosts the rate of skin brightening. The skin-lightening properties of Alpha-Arbutin hinder the ultraviolet-induced skin pigmentation process, which prevents the development of darkened skin spots or patches. Alpha-Arbutin is the most stable form with no to lesser reported side effects. Its presence in Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream speeds up the skin’s brightening and helps to reveal even-toned and radiant glowing skin.

4. Licorice Extract

Infused in, Licorice Extract is a botanically derived source from the roots of Glycyrrhiza Glabra. Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, Licorice extract depigments and makes the skin glow. It inhibits the pathways of pigment production and lightens UV-induced dark spots or pigmentation. Thus Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream actively takes part with other actives to brighten the overall complexion.

5. Allantoin

Allantoin is a naturally sourced excellent skin moisturizer, soother, and mild exfoliator incorporated within Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream. It helps to soften the horny skin layers and replace dull, dry, scaly skin with soft, supple skin. Additionally, it preps the skin to absorb moisture and retain it. Allantoin’s ability to neutralize or make a complex with skin irritants helps soothe irritated skin. The added benefits of Allantoin in Safriderm-C make it the best Antiaging cream for men and women in Pakistan.

6. Vitamin E

This Vitamin C Night Cream also comprises the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin E. A fat-soluble antioxidant boosts the skin’s moisture content and helps keep skin moisturized for long periods. Along with skin softening, Vitamin E in Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream helps protect the skin from sunburn or skin irritants. Its antioxidant action helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and keep the skin protected.

7. Hyaluronic Acid

Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream also enlists Hyaluronic Acid, an excellent skin hydrator. The ability of HA to retain moisture helps skin to tighten and smoothen. Overall makes the skin look refreshed and plumped up.


  1. Apply twice daily.
  2. Massage gently until Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream absorbs into the skin.
  3. The use of an additional wide-spectrum sunblock of SPF-60 (Solarin-60) is strongly recommended in the daytime to protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.



Antioxidant face cream does work. But always go for natural antiaging solutions. Instead of applying mercury and steroid-rich skincare that adversely affects the skin, choose Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream (mercury and steroid free) that gradually reveals smoothened glowing skin.


Safriderm-C Antioxidant face cream is rich in Vitamin C with Vitamin E. Vitamin C protects and retains skin-firming fibers like collagen and elastin, while Vitamin E protects skin from UV damage. Applying Safriderm-C Antiaging cream twice daily or at night effectively protects the skin from aging.

2 reviews for SAFRIDERM – C Antioxidant Skin Brightening Anti-aging Cream 30gm

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