SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml

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  • Fades Dark spots
  • Brightens dull, tired-looking skin,
  • Efficiently Removes Makeup 
  • Non-drying formula
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Non-comedogenic.
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Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash is infused with natural skin-brightening AHAs, Vitamins, and Aloe Vera extract. This natural face wash offers comprehensive exfoliating and cleansing action that washes away impurities and replaces the dead skin layers with clean, radiant-looking, moisturized skin.

Packed with natural ingredients enhances Safriderm face wash’s suitability for dry and oily skin. Its hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic properties make it the best brightening Face Wash for sensitive skin.

To fasten skin brightening results, follow a skincare routine with the Safriderm range:


  • Store it in a cool dry place (below 30°C) away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


1. Niacinamide

Commonly searched as Niacin or Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin. By interfering with the pigmentation synthesis route that considerably lessens hyperpigmented spots, niacinamide, which is an ingredient in Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash, tends to have a skin-brightening effect. Additionally, Niacinamide help minimize pores by preserving moisture and controlling oil production.

2. Lactic Acid

Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash encompasses Lactic acid, one of the top-known fruit acids- AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) tends to take care of skin cleansing and brightening needs. Lactic acid exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, helps to smoothen skin texture, minimizes the appearance of dark spots, and cleanses away clogged pores.

3. Glycolic Acid

Another fruit acid is Glycolic Acid, a trendy AHA enriched in Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash. Glycolic acid acts by accelerating cell shedding. Alternatively said, it breaks the connections that bind skin cells together. It efficiently replaces the top dead skin more quickly than it would naturally. The exfoliation of skin without scrubbing is an additional benefit that helps brighten up dull-looking skin.

Additionally, Glycolic acid encourages the skin to produce more collagen. This protein gives skin its firmness, suppleness, and elasticity.  In advancing age, the skin starts to produce less collagen. Also, spending too much time in the sun can also damage collagen. Hence, regular washing of the face with Safriderm Face Wash can help stop collagen deterioration. This way it help gain even-toned, smooth-textured, and brightened skin

4. Aloe Vera

One of the skin-hydrating properties of Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash is because of Aloe Vera, derived from a cactus-like plant. It is rich in water content that helps to retain healthy moisture levels within the skin. This transforms dull, tired skin into soft, supple, and plumped skin. Moreover, the skin healing capability of Aloe Vera helps with soothing burns/ sunburns and relieving any facial skin redness or painful cuts, if any.

5. Vitamin E

Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash formula comprises Vitamin E, also known as Tocopherol which is a fat-soluble vitamin derived from a botanical source that benefits the skin by its moisture-retaining and skin-healing capabilities. It’s a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and keep it moisturized.

6. Vitamin B5

A skin hydrating and healing vitamin in Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash helps to retain a healthy level of moisture deep within skin tissues making skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Vitamin B5 is also blessed with anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe red, inflamed skin and heal without any irritation. Together all of the natural skin brighteners impart cleansing action boosts natural skin brightening and deeply hydrate the skin.


  1. Apply Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash on moist skin and massage gently.
  2. Make some lather and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Can be used twice a day or as directed by the dermatologist or physician.



Brightening face wash packed with skin-brightening ingredients tends to brighten the face. Safriderm Skin Brightening Face Wash enriched with AHAs, Vitamins, and Hydrating actives of botanical origin exfoliates the top dead skin layer and replaces it with smooth textured, even-toned, and brightened glowing skin.


Alongside eating a clean diet and drinking sufficient water every day achieve an even complexion by feeding your skin with Safriderm Skin Brightening Cream and cleansing your face with Safriderm Skin Brightening Facewash, which improves the skin complexion fast.


A combination of Lactic acid and Glycolic Acid in Safriderm Skin Brightening Facewash is best known for brightening the skin. Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid boosts the exfoliation of dull skin, unclog the pores, and cleanses away the impurities to reveal even-toned and brightened skin

6 reviews for SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml

    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    December 25, 2023
    Received the product in good packaging and seller also sent me two trial packs. I haven't tried the facewash yet but I've heard good reviews about it so hoping for the best.
    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    November 11, 2023
    I just received my products today .. super happy .. ❤️❤️ THANKYOU safrin for gifts.. IN SHA ALLAH I hope the result will be amazing 🤩🤩
    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    Ayesha Zeeshan
    October 25, 2023
    Nice packing and thanks for the gifts 👍
    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    September 9, 2023
    Great product.. No extra fragrance Gel formula which is great for sensitive and oily skin They also sent me 2 extra sample of sunblock and shampoo
    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    February 5, 2023
    Bhut acha product hai or free trail pack ka bhi result excellent ha Thanks is product k Lia 🙂
    SAFRIDERM Skin Brightening Face Wash 100 ml photo review
    Syeda S.
    January 4, 2021
    Their products are highly recommended. years ago my sister used their products on the description of the doctor and the results were amazing and I'm so excited to use this face wash as summers are already here. Also testers were much needed✨
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